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Veterinary Care : BSAW provides essential veterinary medical care for all domestic animals. Essential veterinary medical care includes medication, vaccinations, surgery, spaying or neutering, and general treatment needed to restore the animal to live a comfortable life.

Education & Training Services : BSAW will provide basic education and teaching services to interested individuals to enable them to provide primary veterinary care services aimed at providing veterinary services to domestic animals in remotest of country’s part. The teaching program also equips interested individuals to execute routine veterinary care follow-up programs.
Educational programs will also be developed and made available to schools, corporate, and other civic organizations for the purpose of educating young people on the responsibility of owning pets and on the need to preserve wildlife.

People: BSAW will achieve its mission with people who are passionate and concerned about the humane treatment of animals and wildlife. The people who are employed, retained, volunteer, or who are otherwise involved with any aspect of the Trust will conduct themselves in manners consistent with the Mission Statement.

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