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Animals are different in their intellectual ability than humans but no less capable of feeling suffering

  • Administration
    Founder & Chairperson “Shiksha Rattan” Dr S.P.Sharma
    with Dr APJ Kalam, former President of India
    Buddha Society of Animal Welfare trust established to provide veterinary medical service for those animals who are less privileged than others deprived of minimum essential veterinary medical aid. Every year trust also imparts training and teaching to those who are passionate to provide veterinary care to these less intellectuals creatures in remotest corner of the nations.

  • Every year BSAW gets some contribution from different groups, agencies, organizations to run its free services. These grants have provided much-needed money to help fund free treatment camps for life-threatening diseases, and for welfare and education projects across the country.

  • By supporting BSAW we can help ensure the continued health and welfare of our nation's animals even in the remotest of areas.

  • For further details on the BSAW and how to contribute to organisations that improve the lives of thousands of animals less fortunate than your own.
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